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A warrior.
One who taught by example and loved through inequity.

A leader that loves us through the stages of reaching our potential.

A lover that mothered those in need of anything she is able to give.

One who God blesses and will bless over and above because she does with those blessings what God has required…to bless others.

A giver of life.
One who calms and gives rest.
One who shines consistently.
Our mother.

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The travel was long, The journey to independence even longer.

For such a long time it seemed I was alone. Alone in my plight, alone in my ambition.

Alone in the search for something different, for something bigger than the pain of the past.

I’m here now, the worries of my past seem long; an old song whose melody I remember well, but the words not at all.

I’m the prince of this town although I’ve never been crowned

I owe my success to those streets and forever thankful for the gift of love I found while looking for riches.

My partner in hustle. Together we navigate the concrete terrain. Hustling in perpetuity. .
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Saturday (January 28/2017) was cloudy.

Conversations were warm and flooded the air with prospects of what is to come: this is a recollection of the unity shown by those who showed up.

Pretorians of various journeys met at the Tshwane Arts Hub (Old Fire Station) to find an inclusive approach in growing the arts of the capital city: Pretoria, South Africa.



A dialogue can be a cultural exchange, one that challenges the monologue solidarity common in creating.


With the vision of it being the general spot in the development of the arts and artists in the city of Tshwane.



If you have any ideas , suggestions or input, please show up. You are invited to the following Imbizo and here are the details






Venue: Tshwane Arts Hub (upstairs: theatre and dance studio)

Date: 2017/02/11

Time: 10:30

Umuzi in the air


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I had to go; painstakingly I scanned the internet for airbnbs’ round the area –  that did not work out – through my mother I found a proposal: Mpilo, I will take you to the exhibition – if you pour petrol. I arrived late, we experienced a tad of traffic leaving Pretoria before joining  the flow in freeway to JHB. Navigating this GPS, I did not panic although the street – Reserve – was hard to find. 3 Reserve str, is a street (and place) in Johannesburg Braamfontein where the  exhibition was held.

The Lost in the world exhibition are works under the theme gentrification, addiction and spiritual poverty – from Umuzi Photo Clubs’ students..

I managed to catch a few photos, i hope they give you a low down on how the evening exhibited:

_MG_8939.JPGmom helped a brother out

_MG_8971.JPGmen about umuzi

_MG_8962.JPGthe one name i got to remember – power punching Thomas

_MG_8966.JPGThe polestyrein was more expensive then ifele le nkomo.

  • i remember this piece  vividly because mama was ready to buy the crockery and silverware, they ranged from 2c – 5c. I was ready to buy the traditionally made mpahla but it cost R2500- R5000. A solid take on gentrification.

_MG_8956.JPGthis is what upstairs looks like

_MG_8943.JPGnarrating over his work. the room was silent


_MG_8959.JPGrelax and be. your are because you create.

_MG_8942.JPGa two-level room of works and conversation.

_MG_8989.JPGfashion has a time for vintage. time to mingle:











I am glad to have documented this. I hope you got to feel being there at 3 Reserve street.

until next time

How to swim during a drought


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​Restrictions on water by the City of Tshwane government has cut many South Africans way of living dramatically to a drought.

To instill this they reserved thee right to sue/fine, under these stipulations – ‘if you are found watering your land between 6am – 18h00; or hosepiping your swimming pool to fill; or washing your car with a hosepipe’.

I have had to be innovative and pragmatic to not be billed. And also I do not have R 6 196 to pay when caught.

I decided to practise saving water even when indoors.
I hope this sort-of-DIY-how-to-save-water-list of mine helps you out. I have broken my water consumption up through thee course of my day:

I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth. I pourwater in a cup and rinse between foaming my teeth.

I drink a cup of water. To get my hydration levels up.

I prepare breakfast.

I shower

I piss.And flush all the water down the toilet.

What about  you? How do you save the world and water? Are yoy ready to make some changes for the good of humanity? Yes, you can.