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​Restrictions on water by the City of Tshwane government has cut many South Africans way of living dramatically to a drought.

To instill this they reserved thee right to sue/fine, under these stipulations – ‘if you are found watering your land between 6am – 18h00; or hosepiping your swimming pool to fill; or washing your car with a hosepipe’.

I have had to be innovative and pragmatic to not be billed. And also I do not have R 6 196 to pay when caught.

I decided to practise saving water even when indoors.
I hope this sort-of-DIY-how-to-save-water-list of mine helps you out. I have broken my water consumption up through thee course of my day:

I wake up in the morning and brush my teeth. I pourwater in a cup and rinse between foaming my teeth.

I drink a cup of water. To get my hydration levels up.

I prepare breakfast.

I shower

I piss.And flush all the water down the toilet.

What about  you? How do you save the world and water? Are yoy ready to make some changes for the good of humanity? Yes, you can.