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I had to go; painstakingly I scanned the internet for airbnbs’ round the area –  that did not work out – through my mother I found a proposal: Mpilo, I will take you to the exhibition – if you pour petrol. I arrived late, we experienced a tad of traffic leaving Pretoria before joining  the flow in freeway to JHB. Navigating this GPS, I did not panic although the street – Reserve – was hard to find. 3 Reserve str, is a street (and place) in Johannesburg Braamfontein where the  exhibition was held.

The Lost in the world exhibition are works under the theme gentrification, addiction and spiritual poverty – from Umuzi Photo Clubs’ students..

I managed to catch a few photos, i hope they give you a low down on how the evening exhibited:

_MG_8939.JPGmom helped a brother out

_MG_8971.JPGmen about umuzi

_MG_8962.JPGthe one name i got to remember – power punching Thomas

_MG_8966.JPGThe polestyrein was more expensive then ifele le nkomo.

  • i remember this piece  vividly because mama was ready to buy the crockery and silverware, they ranged from 2c – 5c. I was ready to buy the traditionally made mpahla but it cost R2500- R5000. A solid take on gentrification.

_MG_8956.JPGthis is what upstairs looks like

_MG_8943.JPGnarrating over his work. the room was silent


_MG_8959.JPGrelax and be. your are because you create.

_MG_8942.JPGa two-level room of works and conversation.

_MG_8989.JPGfashion has a time for vintage. time to mingle:











I am glad to have documented this. I hope you got to feel being there at 3 Reserve street.

until next time