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Saturday (January 28/2017) was cloudy.

Conversations were warm and flooded the air with prospects of what is to come: this is a recollection of the unity shown by those who showed up.

Pretorians of various journeys met at the Tshwane Arts Hub (Old Fire Station) to find an inclusive approach in growing the arts of the capital city: Pretoria, South Africa.



A dialogue can be a cultural exchange, one that challenges the monologue solidarity common in creating.


With the vision of it being the general spot in the development of the arts and artists in the city of Tshwane.



If you have any ideas , suggestions or input, please show up. You are invited to the following Imbizo and here are the details






Venue: Tshwane Arts Hub (upstairs: theatre and dance studio)

Date: 2017/02/11

Time: 10:30